We currently only publish manuscripts of chapbook length (between 20 – 30 pages not including front matter) via email. We do not have the resources of a larger publishing house, so we are limited in the number of chapbooks we print. By printing the poets we are truly excited about, we will be able to do more for each individual poet.

We want to see poems that are vulnerable, daring, and not afraid to be themselves. Too often we read poems that are trying to be too poem-y and they lose their impact – however, we appreciate form and formlessness alike. We encourage LGBTQ+/POC/Women poets to submit. To see examples of what we like (or to find some rad new poetry), please check out the Books page.

To submit, send us your manuscript (as a .docx or .pdf) via email! Please write the subject as “CHAPBOOK SUBMISSION — *Last Name*”. Your cover letter should be in the body of the email. If any of the poems in your collection have been published they must be listed in the email body as well. Please do not add any identifying information in the actual submission.

Cover letters should reflect who you are as a poet. There is no need for formalities. If you like to drink beer, headbang in the shower, or cuddle with your dogs (I do all three), let us know! We only ask that whatever you include be important you. The only requirement is that you answer this question somewhere in your letter: What is one thing you do to help others?

Documents must be formatted in 12 pt Times New Roman or Garamond. The first page should be the title page, followed by a table of contents. The remainder should be poems only (acknowledgements are not needed in the actual document). One poem per page, respectively.

Email Submissions Here: